Internal Communication

The company is perceived as a certain kind of a miniature community of people who create their own value systems, standards, and models affecting the judgement, attitudes, and actions of people. In many cases, we have encountered a situation where the solution of the issues of the company in question lies within the internal corporate or human relations and communication that affect the entire corporate culture. For this reason, we have prepared services that lead to the removal of these barriers of successful enterprise and help creating a positive atmosphere in companies and teams.

Services we offer:

  • Diagnostics of communication and performance barriers within the company
  • Management and creation of changes in the corporate culture
  • Cultivation of relations in the company and in the workplace
  • Consulting in the area of employee motivation
  • Complex projects of internal communication
  • Utilisation of social networks for internal communication
  • Creation of project cooperation systems
  • Creation of knowledge corporate communities

Forms of cooperation:

  • Corporate workshops
  • External company sociologist
  • Creation of custom projects
  • Outsourcing of HR marketing
  • Consulting concerning individual issues