Content Marketing

On the internet, quality content still rules. This doubly applies to employer branding. We specialise in creating the content for good employer branding and addressing of potential employees. You can expect content creation from us not only for webs and social networks, sector portals, and career webs, but also for the internal needs of your company. 

       Employer Branding

  • Creation of career websites
  • Creation of landing pages for recruited position promotion
  • Creation of recruitment videos
  • Creation of series for social networks
  • Creation of corporate promotion videos
  • Moderating social networks and groups
  • Creation of PR articles
  • Event marketing
  • Creation and distribution of newsletters

Internal Communication

  • Creation of the content for corporate bulletins
  • Editing of corporate bulletins
  • Implementation and moderating of corporate social networks
  • Concept for corporate actions and events
  • Creation of employee contests and motivational programmes
  • Internal broadcasting and video-news
  • Creation and distribution of employee e-newsletters