Online PR

Our team helps to create the overall impression and position of your brand in the market. Our PR specialists will prepare PR projects for you from the strategy up to the implementation. 

       Standard Online PR

  • Creation of regular and special newsletters and press releases and their distribution
  • Keeping the corporate blog
  • Corporate and sector information
  • Corporate successes, events, activities
  • Administration of the corporate Facebook
  • Information sharing in groups and communities on Facebook and in the groups of the LinkedIn network
  • Facebook polls
  • Deployment of online analytic tools

       Special PR

  • Strategy for nominations and events
  • Implementation of surveys
  • Commenting the social events and surveys
  • Creation and distribution of Infographics
  • Negotiation with the media on behalf of the client
  • Creation and distribution of special press releases
  • Founding and keeping your own group on FB and LinkedIn
  • Monitoring of the media and social networks