Recruitment campaigns

Lack of suitable employees currently bothers many companies. We create campaigns that are distinguished from regular methods, they are fast and effective. They consist in a combination of multiple channels. 

  • For every position, we create a separate web page (landing page)
  • For spreading the information, we utilise the targeting via social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others
  • Direct marketing - targeted e-mailing, newslettering
  • Online PR - recruitment support by suitable contents
  • Creation of communities and databases of potential employees for a company
  • Online advertising
  • Regionally targeted campaigns in the online and offline environment
  • Possibility of complementing with field and thematic portals - PR articles
  • We provide candidate preselection

We will create a custom effective solution for you with continuous monitoring that we will keep perfecting throughout the campaign. And most importantly, we will find the right people for you.