What Companies Do People Want to Join and Why 15.10.2016

John Lennon once answered the journalists' question why do they (the Beatles) do what they do with a hyperbole: "We're Only in It For the Money". If we asked the people in our companies this question, we would find out something similar but it will certainly not be the only answer. While for generation X, money has always been a value, for generation Y, it is rather a means, which already results in many differences of the attitude towards life and work.

Millennials prefer e.g. education opportunities in the company or consulting with a more experienced colleague. They strive for the balance of the private and working life. According to the Manpower research, they have already three priorities when seeking an employer: money, certainty, and leisure time. They want to be rewarded fairly, they want to have an assurance in the occupation, while still having freedom so that they can stop and recharge the batteries from time to time. They also want to work with excellent people, enjoy the time spent at work, namely with the possibility of working flexibly and obtaining new skills.

Despite the companies gradually strive for adapting to these trends and requirements in some sectors, there is always a discrepancy between what they offer the employees, what the company possibilities are, and what they want to identify with. The ideal balance de facto does not exist and it will not be resolved even by the benefits already standard today or an above-standard table football in the hallway.

However, the 10 key criteria that motivate employees and keep them in the company according to the Royall consulting firm can be a certain barometer for us. It is no surprise that it is not just about money, although you can understandably not do without it. A human is a multidimensional being, which corresponds with his needs and desires.

Point is that according to the experience from the consulting of Royall, employees seek and remain in companies that have the following attributes:

1. They will pay you well
2. They will provide you with training
3. They will provide you with a professional challenge
4. You have a promotion possibility with them
5. They will involve you in decision making
6. They will appreciate you and your activity
7. They respect you as a human
8. They have a mission you can identify with
9. They will support you and give you strength and courage
10. They have confidence in you

                       And now be frank, which companies are capable of that and fulfil these 

categories at least in half?

There are certainly few of them and they are large market players. Nevertheless, it is not a question of size but mainly corporate culture. The only way is to systematically change the corporate culture so that it approaches these values and to communicate every such success in a targeted way. HR marketing is absolutely irreplaceable right at that today.

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