Let’s Not Look for Employees the Old Way


The situation in the labour market is not rosy. Firms still lack many professions that they need to fill. Not even promises of employee benefits are enough anymore. Also, the generations that come have different habits and preferences, which are worked with relatively a little in our country.

For example, Generation Y. This term already marks even the people born between 1974 and 2000 today and that is actually the first generation that has grown up with modern technologies while the previous ones only learned to use them. These people are a bit alike even though they come from different environments and countries. And that is exactly the important generation for the development of every company that is at least a little innovative. Recruitment clichés do not work with it very much.

What can you do with that? Not to do the recruiting the old way. Job portals have their limits and you cannot address the right people via them, quite often. The modern methods of HR marketing bring elaborate procedures for communication in social networks and expert forums and procedures how to push information through the internet to the right people. However, that is just an imaginary tip of the iceberg and a quick solution.

From the standpoint of HR companies, 3 things are important:

  • Understand the specifics of your own company and its identity - and utilise it in the recruitment communication
  • Understand the preferences and the manner of thinking of the potential employees
  • Find the corresponding language how to communicate these facts and through which channels

Modern recruitment is significantly more targeted thanks to HR marketing. Often, several common sessions with someone who does not suffer from professional blindness that is a frequent illness from routine procedures are enough. That way, solutions that push us forward are born.

Do you lack a skilled HR marketer who will push you forward? We may have a solution.