HR marketing our Family Silverware


It is not so long ago when many equal candidates applied for the offered positions and you had enough to choose from. The reality is that there are fewer and fewer really usable ones, which has caused that the roles are suddenly exchanging. They choose and people from HR must be able to convince them using all methods that precisely their company is the right employer.

With that, the significance of HR marketing has dramatically risen in recent years. The external and internal communication of the firm starts being key for what the potential employees think about you. For instance, in retail chains, there is huge fluctuation, often caused also by the loss of identity of an individual in such large machinery. According to our experience, that is most often caused by lack of information and internal communication. At the same time, there are many possibilities of solving that, namely from internal webs up to the corporate social networks.

However, our own level of communication as the company representatives is also significant externally. The level of advertisements, impersonal texts of e-mails, or phone conversations. That is a barrier that we often cause ourselves. At the same time, most of the successful firms in the market have their uniqueness and certain corporate culture that should be visible but it is suppressed by repeating the routine procedures that lose effectiveness.

What to do with that? Not to be afraid of finding the right family silverware that we have forgotten in the firm. Innovate the corporate face again. Try to understand how the people we need live and what they seek and try to be like that. Both in the area of new technologies and in communication. Indeed, it is not a simple path, but in the current market actually the only possible one. Properly done HR marketing will always help reaching that. The result then usually is the desirable condition when you choose from multiple quality candidates again.

Do you lack a skilled HR marketer who will push you forward? We may have a solution.